Rock climbing is a community sport. I appreciate that you have chosen to be part of our online climbing community and I would love to stay in touch. There are a couple ways that you can connect to us, ask questions, and share your experiences with others.


Following each post, you are given an opportunity to share your thoughts about the post. If you liked a post, or have any interesting insights about the topic, please share them.

If you have any questions about the topic in the post we invite you to share them. When you post the question, be sure to tag the post as a question. I will do my best to respond to every question personally to make sure that you get the information you need to climb well.

This site will continue to grow, more videos lessons will be posted to cover a variety of valuable climbing topics. Though the articles and videos haven’t been created yet, we would love to have you begin the conversation about many areas of rock climbing. Feel free to go HERE to look at a full list of topics that you can comment on.


If you have a question about one of the topics that I talk about in one o my posts, I really encourage you to post them in the comment sections above so that everyone can benefit from the discussion. I take time each week to answer questions posted there.

I would also love to hear from. Please email me at if you have a message that you would like to send me personally. Feel free to say “hi,” tell me what topics you would like me to share about, or share how you think could help you in your climbing pursuits.  These emails go directly to me and I try to answer them as quickly as possible. If you have an email that requires immediate attention, please put the work “Emergency” in you subject line.

Thank you for connecting with me. I hope that I can help you with getting trained to climb from the ground up.


One of the best waysthat you can get connected with Smart Rock climbing is by signing up for our email newsletter. This newsletter will help you stay up to date about what new videos are coming out,  and let you know about deals on climbing gear that I find out about. Signing up is easy, just click the image below.

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