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Rock climbing is by far one of my favorite ways to explore the world around me. As I travel, I like to pause and see if I can find any routes in the area that I can try out. To help you find the perfect route for you, this video and the resources below will help you as you search for climbs

What’s Around you?

mpmap_optFist thing’s first, you got to know where you are (if for some reason you don’t know, open a map application on your phone, or ask a trustworthy passer by).

After you know where you’re at, I suggest visiting Mountain Project see what areas are near you. Though you can search for areas based upon your zip code (though I wouldn’t mind if they added that feature in the future), I love being able to use the map  so I can zoom into the area I am at and then see what is around me. You can visit it by clicking here or by clicking on the map to the right.

Finding a Nice Fit

Using the map above you can find climbing areas and routes. Most areas tend to have several routes in it, or even several areas inside of that area. Routes are specific climbs that you can do in an area. Take some time to explore the area to find a couple routes that might be a good fit for you and your ability. Here’s a couple things to consider:

  • Difficulty (Refresh up on climbing ratings here)
  • Weather
  • Protection
  • Climb Type (Sport, Trad, Top Rope)
  • Transportation to it (How do I get to it?)

Let’s Get to the Details

To help you figure out which route or area is best for me, I like to search all of the main websites for the particular route or area. To make things easy for you, you can search of a route or area right here. Simply type the name of the area and the click on the site that you want to search.

Area or Route Name:


Put this information to use to help find the right climb for you. If this page has been helpful to you feel free to bookmark it for the future and comment below to let me know how it helped.


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