Affiliate Marketing: How to Help Smart Rock Climbing Create Great Content

I am passionate about providing you with meaningful content and helpful guides that will get you climbing. My desire is to have a team be able to produce this content full time.

Now I could have posted hundreds of AdSense ads everywhere on my site, cluttering up the content, but I didn’t want to inconvenience you. So, we have decided to become an affiliate marketer for climbing gear retailers that I trust.

In essence if you go to a sellers website through the link on my site, I will receive a portion of anything that you buy from them during the next day, at no cost to you. The seller give me part of the credit because I helped to make your buying choice.

Rest assured that I do not place links on this site for that purpose alone. I personally get to choose the products and links on my site and I refuse to promote a product that I have never used. What I love about this idea is that if you want to support what I’m making, you can do it without paying anything extra.

Again, my passion it to help you climb and get going. If you like what I’ve been doing are already planning on getting some gear. Please stop by to click my affiliate link before you go shopping.

Here is a site that I am an affiliate marketer for:

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