Clove Hitch Magic! Learn to Make a Quick Clove Hitch

Learning a new knot is like being bit by a radioactive spider and getting a new super power. Being confident in the assortment of climbing knots is super helpful in climbing.

Having Some Fun

Definitely for this video, I decided to have a bit more fun than usual. Learning knots isn’t everyone’s favorite subject, so I thought I would put some flare in the video.

But in all seriousness, being able to learn new knots and then put them to use in your climbing experience can be an enjoyable experience. It’s nice to see a particular challenge and say “I know the perfect knot for this situation.”As you become practice these knots and use them in real life situations, they will become as second nature to you as tying your shoes.

Single Handed Clove Hitch

When I took my Single Pitch Instructor’s course, I remembered having my mind blown many times, including when I first saw the one handed clove hitch. I thought showing it off in this video would be a bit fun. In the future, I’ll probably show you how to do this party trick that no one but climbers will care about.


What’s a knot that you’ve found helpful in your daily life? Have you used the clove hitch in any unexpected situations? Comment below and share your story!


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