How to Tie a Fisherman’s Knot: Single, Double, Triple and More!

When you’ve got two pieces of rope that you want to tie together and stay together… and have PLENTY of time, the Fisherman’s knot might be the knot for you.

Simple and Powerful

The fisheman’s knot is a simple, yet powerful knot. It’s really the knot that you want to use when you want to join two ropes in holy matrimony. One thing that I didn’t show in the video is how much of a pain it can be to take one of these knots together. If you’re curious how much of a pain it can be, simply tie the knot, use it for a while, putting weight on the knot repeatedly, and then have plenty of fun trying to untie the knot.

I love that the knot is simply a pimped out overhand knot. Before tying this knot regularly in climbing, I remember being able to figure out how to tie the knot simply by thinking it through (“ok, its just an overhand knot, but twisted around another rope a couple times”). Simplifying a knot down to its basics can be a helpful way to remember the knot.

If you want some more help with figuring out this knot, check out this site for a simple walkthrough of this knot.


One of the main uses for the fisherman’s knot in rock climbing is when you want a Prussik loop. This is a loop that of 5-7mm cord that you will use for friction hitches. I tend to keep a Prussik loop on me at all times when climbing, because it can come in handy when rappelling or when doing a rescue manouver.

Connect (Pun Intended)

When I learned this knot, I was told that it is pretty much the best way to combine two ropes together. What are your thoughts? Do you have any favorite ways to connect ropes together that might be more useful. Share your comments below.

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