Intro to SMART Rock Climbing

Hi everyone, my name is Pieter and I’m with Thanks for coming out and checking out our website.

They videos that you will find on my website are going to help you to get going in your rock climbing experience.

What’s this Rock Climbing thing Anyways?

To start with the basics, let’s talk a bit about rock climbing. Rock climbing is a sport done worldwide where you climb rock faces.  To help you get to the top of a climb safely, we use ropes and other pieces of equipment. In climbing we tend to call this equipment your gear.

At, we’re not about teaching you new and untested techniques. What you’re going to learn here are the tried and true best practices of the rock climbing industry.

SMART Rock Climbing

To help you get to know a little bit about who we are and what our mission is, I like to use the acronym S.M.A.R.T.

S stands for safety. Safety is really our top priority when rock climbing. I like rock climbing so much that I want to keep doing it year after year after year. The way that you do that is by being mindful of safety.

M stands for mechanics, meaning the different types of gear and equipment that you use in rock climbing. Over the years, new types of equipment have been developed to make rock climbing safer and easier for beginners. Our gear guides will show you what will need, where you can get it, and how to use it when you’re rock climbing.

A stands for atmosphere. Rock climbing is a team sport. We really encourage you to create a positive atmosphere while climbing. Your criticism or your encouragement can really affect another climber. Let’s make climbing enjoyable for everyone by creating a positive atmosphere.

R stands for recreation, because rock climbing is a fun sport where you get to challenge yourself and push yourself to the next level. Because rock climbing is a fun sport, I am going to try to make these videos fun and put my personal touch on things.

I am also going to be talking to you techniques that you can use when climbing. The thrill of rock climbing is by overcoming a challenge that you weren’t able to do before or you thought that you couldn’t do. So to help you overcome those challenges, I am going to show you different techniques that you can use to get through the physical and mental barriers to climbing.

Whether you’ve never climbed before, or you’re ready to take some big climbs, I am committed to show you how to climb in a smart way.


I would love to get to know you and who you are. In the comment box below, feel free to introduce yourself and share about what your current experience it. Whether you’re brand spanking new to climbing or are ready to attack some big walls, we are here to support each other in pursuing our next adventure.


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