Tips, Tricks and Mind Hacks for Rock Climbing

Before you get up on the rock and get going I’m going to take a minute to talk to you about the fundamentals of rock climbing and I’m going to share some mental hacks that are really going to help you to the top faster and overcome challenges more.


To be honest, at the time of publishing this video, this is definitely my favorite video in this series. Whenever new people come climbing with me, this video will be required watching for them.

Too often, climbing trainers will take for granted our ability to climb and, when working with new climbers, we’ll point to the rock and just say “give it a go.”

This video is my brief opportunity to give you what I wish I had as I began my journey.

An Experiment

So, I’m slightly curious to see if this video will actually help a new climber with little experience. I think the way that I will test this theory will be to have three climbers and take them to a challenging, but doable climb.

All three climbers would climb the climb once and we time them. Then they will climb it a second time and we will compare the improvement on their times (% improvement)

  • For Climber A: They would watch this climbing video.
  • For Climber B: They would be out placebo climber and not watch any video
  • For climber C: They would watch a placebo video (such as a clip from “into the wild”) to ensure that climber improvement isn’t because of watching a video.

Alright, so I might be nerding this one out a bit, but Its still a fun thought to think about.


I forgot to mention…

Chalked Hands... AlreadySo one thing I didn’t mention in this video is that, when you put on chalk, you don’t need to cake you arms and hands with it. I usually put chalk only on my finger tips when I climb. Feel it out when you climb.

One more thing to mention is that when you put chalk on your hands, don’t already have chalk on your hands. If you paid close attention to the video, you’ll notice that the hands that were chalked in it were already chalked. If you noticed that error before reading this, you’ve just awarded yourself 20 bonus Smart Rock Climbing points (trade-able with friends and mediocre enemies).

Though chalk is pretty cheap, if you’re already ordering gear, you can buy some here. Also If your looking for a bag, you can go here for some interesting designs to look through.



So seriously, I want to know if this stuff works. Join me in my experiment and let me know if you, or people you know think this video has helped you. And, if you decide to nerd out like I do, paste your experiment findings below.

You guys rock!

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